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Structured Teaching

Overview:  Structured Teaching is a visually based approach to creating highly structured environments that support individuals with autism in a variety of educational, community, and home/living settings (Mesibov, Shea, & Schopler, 2005)

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Physical Structure 

Visual Schedules

Work Systems

Visually Structured Tasks


General Information on Structured Teaching:

The Powers of Structured Teaching in the General Education Classroom

The TEACCH Approach to Autism Spectrum Disorders

Summer Institute "Look Fors" for Implementation


Collaborative Support Guide:  Implementation through Collaboration

Student Summary Worksheet

Family Engagement and Structured Teaching

Overall Classroom Schedule

Structured Teaching Summary

Tips for Incorporating Instructional Blocks

Classroom Zoning

Summer Institute Implementation Process

TEACCH Autism Program

Mode and Direction Assessment:  Resources to complete an assessment and create your own assessment kit