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Collaborative Support Guide: Implementation through Conversation

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The Collaborative Support Guide (CSG) is a tool that can be used to assist educational professionals in identifying elements needed to created an environment that supports students with autism.  The purpose of this tool is to identify evidence-based practices that are currently being implemented and identify others that, if used in combination, can increase access to the curricuum and improve student outcomes.  

This tool is not appropriate to use in an evaluative manner.  Creating environments that are conducive to learning for students with autism is an ongoing and ever-changing process.  It can be expected that teachers will go in and out of the various phases of application, informed understanding, and building capacity.  To guide their progress through these phases, teachers can use this tool to identify their strengths and target the next steps for implementing evidence-based practices.  Administrators can use this tool to better understand the needs of students with autism and the staff who works with them.

This tool will be updated as resources are added.