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KLN Newsletter- The Desired State

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The Desired State Newsletter


August 2021 - Communication is foundational to improvement efforts within the school system and community. As decisions are made, communicating those decisions is imperative in creating clarity and trust within the system. As you consider communication, what are the strengths of the system? How are all stakeholders included in communications? Listen to the audio version here.

March 2021 - This newsletter focuses on continuous improvement around reflection. Stakeholders will find a tool that can guide leaders to take a balcony view of the current state of student learning in their system. There is also an accompanying video to reference. All resources are free and can easily be shared with others!  Listen to the Audio Version!

December 2020 - This issue focuses on a resource created to help leaders and stakeholders plan more effective and efficient virtual meetings rooting professionals back to the foundational pieces of work we know have a positive impact on school improvement: Effective and Efficient Collaborations. Communications and Leadership. The resource will assist leaders and stakeholders in making virtual interactions more meaningful and impactful. Check it out today!

October 2020 - As we continue to field questions around Equity and making it the first lens teams are looking through to make decisions around school improvements, we thought it might be helpful to root professionals back to what guidance has already been released by KSDE. This quarterly newsletter walks you through what already exists to the field. We hope you will take a look and process the guidance and our newsletter with your stakeholders!

August 2020 - As leaders continue to reach out around equity, this newsletter features the "Improving Your System Through Advocacy" video. Leadership teams can view it and utilize the information to address advocacy for marginalized groups. Additionally, a list of questions for leaders to consider around navigating our current circumstances is also included.

May 2020 - This issue focuses on the leaders' ability to pose questions in times of uncertainty and change.  By posing the questions, the leader honors the experts navigating the changes while seeking valuable feedback.  Reframing the leader's job from that of a problem-solver to problem framers and developer of problem solvers is essential.  

January 2020 - In this newsletter, the focus is on the leadership team reflecting around identity.  As a member of the leadership team, how might personal reflection support individual team members as well as the whole collective team?  Some questions for consideration:  What might the team stop doing?  What might the team start doing?  What might the team continue doing?  

October 2019 - This newsletter is centered on the Leadership Team and how it is instrumental in the process of leading change. A leadership team represents a group of stakeholders that may not be present at the table for decision-making. The information this month poses questions around how to select team members as well as many useful questions to push thinking around team member responsibilities once on the team.

May 2019 - Welcome to the roll-out issue of The Desired State Newsletter. Our goal of the newsletter will be to focus on bringing educators the resources meant to push thinking around the existing state of climate and culture, leadership, group efficacy, and equity. We hope future newsletters challenge thoughts; feelings, perceptions, and understanding so continued improvement to the system -   'THE DESIRED STATE'- becomes a more attainable reality.