Kansas Technical Assistance System Network (TASN)
provides technical assistance to support school districts’ systematic implementation of evidence-based practices.


To set up a new KansaStar account, to obtain log-in information, and questions related to state-level requirements please contact Jean Rush at jrush@ksde.org or 785.296.7884.  

For all other questions related to best practices while using KansaStar please contact Kayla Day - KLN Implementation Coach & Process Manager at kayla.day@swplains.org or 620.640.1569. 

The following modules model the process of working in KansaStar


The Leadership Team The leadership team in your system plays an important role. This group is responsible for setting school improvement goals, serving as key communicators to all stakeholders, analyzing data to make school-wide decisions, and determining professional development needs.  This tutorial will provide context around why a leadership team is necessary, who should be on the leadership team, and what the leadership team does. 

Effective Communication The leadership team is the conduit of communication for all stakeholders (students, staff, parents, community members, etc).  A clear method and protocol of how, when, and why something is communicated will ensure that the leadership team is providing consistent messaging, giving necessary information to the appropriate groups, and helping to process information.  

Collaboration -  Leadership teams are not born. They're developed.  So often, teams are asked to be on committees or to be members of a group without truly understanding how to function as collaborative team members.  This resource offers research around what it means to be collaborative, why it's necessary, and how to achieve it.  

Data-Based Decision Making Developing a systematic and purposeful way of exploring data as a leadership team is essential in the successful implementation of effective practices for school improvement. 

Decision-Making Decision making is a vital piece of any groups' success and many don't know that there should be a process around how decisions get and stay made.  This tutorial will encourage leaders and teams to think through the steps needed to move from dialogue to discussion to finally decision making.  


Choosing Indicators -   An indicator is an effective practice that is a concrete, behavioral expression of a professional practice that research demonstrates contributes to student learning.  An indicator is expressed in plain language so that a school team can answer with certainty whether or not it is standard practice in the school.  Choosing indicators, each aligned with research, can seem like a daungting task for leadership teams to sort through to what matters most.  This tutorial is one way that leadership teams can begin to make decisions around what indicators to add to the SIP (School Improvement Plan).  


Assessing Indicators  When the leadership team assesses an indicator, the team is assessing the current level of implementation of that indicator of effective practice in your school.  This module will walk the team through reflective questions and other considerations when determining the level of implementation for indicators.  

Current State & Desired State The leadership team begins the assessment of the current state by looking at the current level of implementation of an indicator of effective practice in the school.  The desired state is the narrative the team creates around what the indicator will look like when fully implemented within the system. 

Monitor & Adjust

Monitoring Progress Implementation to fidelity refers to how closely the procedures of a process are followed (Mellard & Johnson, 2008).  One of the most critical roles of the leadership team is to ensure that all procedures and practices within a system are followed. (KS MTSS & Alignment Structuring Guide).

Sustainability - Coming Soon 

Navigating the KansaStar Platform

Our Direction - This video models how the process manager and/or leader updates the school information, leadership team information, adding mission/goals/vision statements, adding data, choosing an indicator to add to the school improvement plan, and how to assess/create/monitor an indicator. 

Our Meetings - This tutorial models how the process manager sets up a new agenda, considers resources that might be needed for the team meeting & how to enter meeting minutes. 

Success Cycle-Video

Our Progress-Video

Data Mining-Video

Log-in Access

Viewing Feedback-Video

Uploading into KansaStar

Helpful Resources

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Wise Ways

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