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Every Move Counts, Clicks, & Chats - EMC-3 (4 part series) 

Every Move Counts is an evidence-based approach that represents a synthesis in the research from the areas of educational theory, sensory motor development, communication, and vision.  EMC3 is a sensory based approach to communication and assistive technology.  It includes assessment, implementation, and evaluation of effective strategies for the identification of interests and abilities on which a functional communication system and appropriate assistive technology applications can be built.  Information is relevant to the needs of those individuals who are currently unable to communicate their wants and needs spontaneously in their environment regardless of age or severity of physical and/or communicative differences.  This content supports the development of communication who have severe multiple differences, developmental differences and/or autism.

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**Please Note ** Attendees must attend all 4 sessions to receive credit

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A Roadmap to Effective Assistive Technology Services 

Successful assistive technology programs begin with a vision of what quality services should look like and a course of action that helps the agency move toward that vision.  This series is intended to support educational leaders in developing and/or improving assistive technology services by offering a practical roadmap to effective assistive technology services.  Throughout the series, participants will investigate barriers many districts face in the provision of assistive technology and focus on specific leadership actions that can move districts toward high-quality, and cost-efficient AT services. 

Join Gayl Bowser, author of Leading the Way to Excellence in AT Services:  A Guide for School Administrators as she provides guidance and resources to build successful AT services in your agency.    

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TASN KIC Technology Conference 

The Kansas Infinitec Coalition is excited to partner with KSDE TASN to host the 16th annual TASN KIC Technology Conference and Outstanding Technology Student Awards Luncheon.   

There will be three sessions at this year's event: 
Supporting Emergent Literacy and Language Development for Learners Who Use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) 
Presenter:  Ashley Larisey, Licensed Speech Language Pathologist and Clinical Educator 

Fostering a Culture of Connection via Supporting Executive Function and Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) 
Presenters: Alexis Reid & Janet Peters, Education Consultants 

Building Better Belonging:  Intentional Implementation of SEL in the Classroom
Presenter Chris Bronke, Education Consultant 

Session and Registration Information for the TASN KIC Technology Conference 
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