Kansas Technical Assistance System Network (TASN)
provides technical assistance to support school districts’ systematic implementation of evidence-based practices.

Training Opportunities

Virtual or Face-to-Face Professional Development

Attend a virtual or face-to-face training with a recognized Competency Trainer. Register as a team of educators or individual teacher. Contact pnoonan@ku.edu to discuss customized professional development for your district.

Online Courses

These six week, facilitator-led courses are designed for teachers to better understand instructional activities to help students develop essential competencies, either in core content or other applicable areas. Through these interactive courses, educators learn competency-development practices for any content area. Each week, instructional activities will be reviewed and then discussed with colleagues, with facilitation from a Recognized Trainer. Course activities are asynchronous and can be done anywhere at any time of day.

The course fee is $20 per person. Each course is capped at 30 students, and participants will receive 18 CEUs with an option to receive one graduate credit hour from Baker University (additional $80 payment is required).

Questions about group enrollment? Contact Pattie Noonan at pnoonan@ku.edu

January 23–March 3, 2023

Assertiveness (middle/high school focus with elementary adaptations)
Conflict Management (middle/high school focus with elementary adaptations)
Self-Efficacy (elementary school focus)
Self-Regulation (middle/high school focus)

July 10–August 18, 2023

Self-Efficacy (Grades 3–6)
Self-Regulation (Grades PreK–2)


This webinar series, Measuring Social-Emotional Growth, is a collaborative effort among KSDE, the Kansans Can Competency Framework, and Kansas MTSS and Alignment.