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Mindfulness and School-Based Yoga: Tools for the Classroom eLearning Course - This self-directed eLearning course will provide participants with an overview of Mindfulness and School-Based Yoga and support the implementation of a practice within a classroom (or similar) setting. Please note that this event is available to Kansas educators only. 

  • For more information on the course and registration process, this video provides an overview of next steps.
  • Continuous enrollment is now available! To register for this course, complete this form.

Trauma-Responsive School Community: Facilitation Workshop - This workshop will provide training and ongoing coaching for facilitators interested in systemically implementing a trauma-responsive school community. Participants will walk away with full access to engaging instructional tools and resources, as well as support to apply a structured process to develop goals and monitor implementation at all levels. Please note that space is limited and the event is available to Kansas professionals only.

  • Capacity for this event is FULL.
  • To add your name to the waitlist for this event or a pending summer workshop, please email Amy Wells.

(NEW!) Neuroscience in Education SPRING 2024 eCoaching Series - Dr. Lori Desautels will return for eCoaching to enhance implementation of concepts learned with the Neuroscience in Education eLearning modules. Two series will be offered (one geared towards administrators and another toward teachers and support staff) and consist of four eCoaching sessions focused on the pillars of Dr. Desautel's Applied Educational Neuroscience Framework. Please note that these events are available to Kansas administrators and educators only





Trauma-Responsive School Community eLearning Modules and Facilitation Guide

Mindfulness + School-Based Yoga Tools: Application for Children and Youth + Application for Staff and Caregivers


Trauma, Toxic Stress, and Caregiver Well-Being: Practices for Fostering Resilience in Children/Youth and Caregivers


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