Descriptive Feedback: The Teacher as a Coach Webinar

As Dr. Tom Guskey reminds us, students can learn without grades, but not without feedback. Descriptive feedback and students’ self-monitoring of their progress toward academic goals have become two of the clearest avenues for student self-efficacy and success in the past few decades. Join us for an engaging session on the principles, insights, and practical techniques of timely, descriptive feedback, including ideas on when not to give feedback. We’ll look at specific examples in multiple subject areas and age groups, how to facilitate feedback without invoking ego and self-preservation, and we’ll see how teachers move from providing all the feedback to students (passive) to students analyzing their own work and providing suggestions for next steps in their instruction (active). With such an effective classroom habit, learned helplessness fades, and students own their learning and are far more engaged. Mark your calendars today, this is not the session to miss!   


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