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Kansas Science of Reading Professional Learning Course with LETRS®

Kansas Science of Reading Professional Learning Course with LETRS®

KSDE has allocated a portion of the State's ESSER funds to address potential learning loss that resulted from the shift to emergency remote instruction due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This shift disrupted instruction of foundational literacy skills of young students in Kansas and leading to a potential learning loss. To help recover from this KSDE is offering free LETRS® training to teachers in Kansas who provide direct instruction to students PreK through 3rd Grade in any KSDE accredited public or private school. This opportunity covers the cost of the online course and training days for PreK - 3rd grade teachers; there is no cost to the school nor teacher for this training. To ensure that all teachers, including teachers just coming out of college, will be able to help students this training opportunity is also available to higher education faculty who teach literacy courses in Kansas teacher preparation programs.

For Kansas PreK-3rd Grade teachers in KSDE Accrediated schools there is no cost for the online course or training days.

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Currently Enrolling January 2023 Cohort - Deadline for Registration November 1, 2022.

What is LETRS® training?

LETRS stands for Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling (LETRS®). LETRS® is a professional learning course for instructors of reading, spelling, and related skills. LETRS® is not a curriculum not a program used to provide intervention. It is a professional learning program that builds knowledge and skills so that teachers can be more successful with any curriculum and intervention materials and make informed decisions when choosing what materials to use to provide effective instruction. Specifically, LETRS® is intensive professional learning to empower teachers to understand the science behind why students struggle to read through learning evidence-based instructional practices. LETRS® provides details for educators to understand the what, why, and how of scientifically based reading instruction including:


Who is LETRS® training appropriate for?

LETRS® for Early Childhood Educators (PreK-K)

This course is appropriate for any educator designing, providing instruction, or coaching staff in any early childhood or pre-kindergarten setting. This tprofessional learning experience has been approved by KDHE for 28.9 in-service clock hoursFull Description of the LETRS for Early Childhood Educators


This course is appropriate for any educator designing and providing instruction to students or coaching staff in kindergarten through 5th grade (Note: while appropriate for higher grade levels only teachers through 3rd grade are eligible for this opportunity) or providing instruction to students struggling to read at any grade level. Please note this professional learning program is appropriate for a larger audience than is currently funded by the KSDE LETRS initiative. Full Description of LETRS  

What is included in the LETRS® professional learning?

LETRS® and LETRS® for Early Childhood Educators are both hybrid professional development experiences consisting of asynchronous online learning, reading from a participant manual, classroom application activities, and live training days.

LETRS® for Early Childhood


Free LETRS® training for Kansas PreK-3rd Grade Teachers in KSDE Accrediated Public and Private Schools.

LETRS® for Early Childhood Educators

LETRS® Volumes 1 and 2

The funding does not cover the cost of LETRS® training for staff in these types of positions:

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In-Person Trainings with Regional Service Centers - If you prefer the training days in support of the online course to be in-person, the education service centers have Certified LETRS® Facilitators and will be scheduling them. To sign-up for training through one of the service centers reach out directly to them, please do not sign-up here.

Virtual Trainings - If you prefer the training days in support of the online course to be virtual, please use the links below. These training days will be provided virtual by National LETRS®. If you're a district with 35 Kindergarten through 3rd grade teachers and would like to arrange for the training days based on your local schedule please indicate that when signing-up. 

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During sign-up you will select one date from each of the bullet points for a virtual training date to attend. Due to publisher capacity limits and point in registration cycle the unit training dates below are the only ones currently available.

LETRS Kindergarten through 3rd Grade

LETRS Early Childhood - Next Cohort August 2023 unless 40 registrants prior to then.