Kansas Technical Assistance System Network (TASN)
provides technical assistance to support school districts’ systematic implementation of evidence-based practices.

Webinar - High-Quality Delivery of Reading Instruction

January 18, 2022 from 4:00 to 5:00 pm

Successful literacy instruction and interventions provide a strong core of highly explicit and systematic teaching of reading components. This webinar will describe the explicit and systematic components that schools should make sure are part of every reading lesson and will provide classroom examples to help schools and teachers understand how to deliver reading instruction to meet the needs of all students. 

Learning Objectives

By the end of this session, attendees will be able to: 

  • identify explicit and systematic instruction components
  • describe how to use these components within a reading lesson


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Time January 18, 2022 from 4:00 to 5:00 pm
Check In at 3:55 PM
Format Meet Online
1.0 Professional Learning Contact Hours
Provider(s) Kansas MTSS and Alignment
Contact Krystal Porter
Trainer Carol Dissen
Lead of professional development and technical assistance at the Lead for Literacy Center with the Center on Teaching and Learning, University of Oregon
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