Kansas Technical Assistance System Network (TASN)
provides technical assistance to support school districts’ systematic implementation of evidence-based practices.

Kansas Multi-Tier System of Supports and Alignment Innovation Configuration Matrix (ICM)

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The ICM is a tool that may be used in multiple ways, though it’s primarily a descriptivedocument. The primary use is to assist in the understanding of the principles and practices ofa multi‐tier system and what they look like when implemented within a district, building orother community agency. Schools have found it a helpful tool in guiding critical discussionsamong leadership and staff. School districts may also find the ICM helpful in completing the Kansas Education Systems Accreditation (KESA) process. We have noted the components applicable to the KESA process with (KESA and appropriate element and/or R). While modeling is the standard of implementation you should strive to meet, it may not be required for KESA. The school district will have to determine the appropriate level of implementation in order to meet its needs and their KESA Outside Visitation Team.