Kansas Technical Assistance System Network (TASN)
provides technical assistance to support school districts’ systematic implementation of evidence-based practices.

Paraprofessional Trainings

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This is a resource of optional Paraprofessional training from various TASN projects and resources.  Please review the options below and descriptions for each one. You can also download the information below by hitting the "download file" above if you need to. 

        Paraprofessionals in Kansas Public Schools

  •  The State of Kansas has no statewide requirements for employment as a paraeducator or paraprofessional in a school, however state and federal funding for some positions may have requirements. Each district sets their own requirements for employment as a para, so individual districts may have additional requirements for employment.
  • http://jobs.kansasteachingjobs.com/ is a free option districts have to list their open positions. Para jobs are in the category of Classified, and you can filter by region and category. Each district may also list positions on their website.

Kansas Infinitec        

  • Infinitec offers a selection of videos for paraprofessional training and professional development. 230 of Kansas districts are members of the Kansas Infinitec Coalition and have access to the list of these trainings on the below link. If you have questions about accessing these trainings as a member, or would like to become a member please contact Beth Zillinger at bzillinger@ucpnet.org.
  • Infinitec Coalition ParaProfessional PD Video Topics document

TASN Autism and Tertiary Behavior Supports (ATBS)

  • Instructional Strategies course is designed for paraeducators, special education teachers, general education teachers, or anyone providing direct instruction to students of all abilities.  This course is approximately 20 hours long if all three sections are completed.  Please visit the link for more information and  how to access this course:   https://www.ksdetasn.org/atbs/instructional-strategies
  • De-Escalation – Modules: This course has ten modules to provide practitioners with a strong foundation to develop their understanding and professional skills in the area of de-escalation. These modules are helpful for many behavior issues and for interactions with all students.  Please visit ths link to access all of the modules: https://www.ksdetasn.org/atbs/de-escalation-materials