Kansas Technical Assistance System Network (TASN)
provides technical assistance to support school districts’ systematic implementation of evidence-based practices.

2016 SPDG National Meeting: Evaluation Briefs: Disseminating Evaluation Data

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Haag, K., Davis, K., Gaumer Erickson, A. (2016, October 12). Evaluation Briefs: Disseminating Evaluation Data. 2016 SPDG National Meeting, Washington, DC.

How do we get stakeholders to actually read evaluation reports? How do we use evaluation data to build awareness and support recruitment? The Kansas Technical Assistance System Network (TASN) has developed evaluation briefs (one-page evaluation summaries) to highlight the implementation and impact of SPDG/TASN projects. These briefs have been widely disseminated across KSDE, stakeholder groups, and district personnel.

Link to TASN Evaluation Briefs

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