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Tri-State Webinar: The Powers of Structured Teaching in the General Education Classroom

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Description: In this Webinar Chris Reeve, PhD, BCBA-D discussed how to apply the principles of structured teaching in the general education environment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will be able to identify the 3 areas of structured teaching as they apply to supporting students with ASD in the general education environment.
  • Participants will identify multiple considerations in determining how to organize the physical environment and considerations of seat arrangements for learners on the spectrum in a general education classroom.
  • Participants will become familiar with at least 4 different types of visual schedules that can help support students in general education environments.
  • Participants will review at least 3 different types of structured work systems that could be easily implemented in the general education environment.

Presenter Information: Christine Reeve, PhD, BCBA-D is a doctoral level board certified behavior analyst. She provides professional development and consultation to school districts across the country around issues related to autism spectrum disorders as well as other low incidence disabilities and behavioral concerns.

She is the author of several books, including two that focus on structured teaching, Setting Up Classroom Environments for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Building Independence: Using Structured Work Systems for Students with ASD.

Christine also runs the blog Autism Classroom News that provides resources and information for classroom teachers.

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