Empowering Teachers, Facilitating Growth: The Kansas Math Proficiency Project Overview (May 1, 2023)

The Kansas Math Proficiency Project ensures that every math teacher in Kansas has a strong understanding of research-based teaching strategies as well as a deep understanding of math content. We begin with an ingrained belief that all students can learn mathematics followed by a coherent understanding of the mathematics progressions that lead to long-term proficiency. The foundation to effective mathematics instruction is a common understanding and model for instruction that is systematic and explicit. Teachers will explore ways to use data to drive instruction and intervention. Each grade-band specific module for teachers will include guidance around building students' understanding, language, fluency, and problem-solving skills specific to our Kansas Math Standards. This project has come to fruition through the collaboration of KSDE, Kansas MTSS & Alignment, Dr. Bradley Witzel, Dr. Sarah Powell, and educators across the state of Kansas that have reviewed and provided feedback throughout this entire process. This webinar will give attendees a preview of the foundational modules and details around the opportunities to learn more throughout the 2023-24 school year. We are excited to share this valuable professional learning with our Kansas teachers of mathematics.


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