Transition Services/ Coordinated Set of Activities Examples

This document gives examples of Transition services/ coordinated Sets of Activities. 

Examples will cover areas of:

  1. Instruction
  2. Related Services
  3. Community Experiences
  4. Employment
  5. Acquisition of Daily Living Skills
  6. Other Post-School Adult Living Objectives
  7. Functional Vocational Evaluation. 
preview image of Transition_Services_examples.pdf for Transition Services/ Coordinated Set of Activities Examples


Brief / Fact Sheet / Tip Sheet, Presentation Slides / Handout
Related Services / Support Staff, Family / Community, Educators, Administrators
Secondary Transition, IEP, Compliance/Guidance, Accommodations & Modifications, APR Indicator Data Collection
Middle School (6 − 9), High School (9 − 12)
KSDE Special Education & Title Services
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