IDEA & Gifted File Review Continuous Improvement Monitoring Consideration Chart:

A Technical Assistance Tool for LEAs Conducting KIAS IDEA & Gifted File Reviews and/or Internal System Reviews
Introduction: Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) are encouraged to evaluate their systems and student files for compliance with federal and state special education statutes and regulations on a regular basis in addition to when required for file review monitoring by KSDE. Self-correction of any individual cases of errors identified is a proactive approach to these reviews and a good practice for LEAs.
How to Use this Chart: This chart is designed to assist local staff and leadership in thinking through how to correct an individual instance of noncompliance given the types of errors that may be identified through the KIAS IDEA & Gifted File Review process. The file review questions are on the left, documentation expectations in center, and the self-correction options to consider are in the final column. LEAs are encouraged to use this resource as a training tool for staff and leadership to facilitate an internal file review process. When using this resource, please note that in some cases documentation may be able to be gathered through additional investigation, interviews, acknowledgments, or personal work notes in addition to standard forms and procedural documentation in a student’s file. However, consistent, written documentation completed at the time of the action is the most credible, consistent way to demonstrate compliance.

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