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This resource has been last reviewed on January 21, 2021

School Leader Digital Learning Guide

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Digital learning is defined as “any instructional practice that effectively uses technology to strengthen a student’s learning experience and encompasses a wide spectrum of tools and practices.” 1

This “School Leader Digital Learning Guide” is a resource to help you consider, plan, fund, implement, maintain, and adapt learning programs that meet the unique needs and requirements of the students and teachers that you serve. The guide is oriented toward digital learning principles and practices that enable and empower students and teachers of all abilities and zip codes while advancing student agency (i.e., initiative, intention, and responsibility in pursuing their education), their personalized learning, their mastery of skills and competencies, and protecting their privacy.

This guide is designed to provide resources and recommendations to help leaders in an array of circumstances, including:

  • leaders with students and teachers who are experiencing digital learning in school facilities or remotely;
  • leaders for whom digital learning presents transformative or incremental change for their students;
  • leaders of a school, a school system, an education provider, or a function that supports digital learning; and
  • leaders whose organization is funded by municipal taxpayers, non-profit institutions, or individuals and is or is not supplemented by federal monies and programs.

More information can be found at:  https://tech.ed.gov/publications/digital-learning-guide/school-leader/