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Trauma, Toxic Stress, and Caregiver Well-Being Training Slide Deck

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Resource Description

This slide deck is for use when presenting the Trauma, Toxic Stress, and Caregiver Well-Being: Practices for Fostering Resilience in Children/Youth and Caregivers training. The accompanying facilitation guide can be found here.


In recognition of the interest of caregivers to learn about trauma, toxic stress, well-being, the TASN School Mental Health Initiative developed a facilitation guide and accompanying slide deck that district and community professionals can utilize to provide training. The objectives of the training for caregivers are for them to be able to:

  • Articulate how ACEs can impact child/youth development.

  • Identify practices to support children/youth’s emotional regulation and foster resilience.

  • Identify effective practices to enhance caregiver well-being.