Tri-State Webinar: Post-Secondary Education and Students with Autism

Webinar Description:

Many students with autism continue their education after high school through vocational or technical training, community college, or at universities. This webinar will discuss the preparation of students for their post-secondary education, the types of supports to look for when selecting a program, and share the experiences and perspective of a recent college graduate.


Participants will learn about:

  • The differences in expectations of students in high school vs. post-secondary education programs.
  • The types of supports post-secondary students with ASD may benefit from.
  • The Marshall University's College Program for Students with ASD.

Presenter Information:

Marc Ellison, Ed.D. is the executive director of the West Virginia Autism Training Center at Marshall University. He is a licensed professional counselor who has worked for 35 years to provide person-centered support, services, and advocacy to individuals who live with ASD, their families, and those who support them. Ellison is a member of ASA's Panel of Professional Advisors and a board member of the Autism Society of West Virginia. He was the lead author on the Benchmarks of Effective Supports for College Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and has written several publications on ASD.

Raven Witzigreuter earned her bachelor of science in biological sciences with a concentration in pre-veterinary medicine and received supports through The College Program for Students with ASD at Marshall University. She was a leader within the Alpha XI Delta sorority, spent a semester at Nottingham Trent in England, and dedicated time to develop skills for future employment in various laboratory positions and research opportunities. She has been on several panels and interview pieces about advocacy, disclosure, and supports in higher education for students with ASD. Since the recording of this interview, Raven was accepted into and has started a veterinary medicine program.

Terri Cooper Swanson, Ph.D., is the coordinator of the Pittsburg State University Autism Certificate and the distance learning coordinator for TASN-Autism and Tertiary Behavior Supports.


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