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Emergency Safety Intervention Professional Development Series

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KSDE and Infinitec have partnered to provide new trainings about Emergency Safety Interventions. Basic, advanced, and specialized trainings provide scenarios for participants to deepen their understanding of Emergency Safety Interventions, reporting requirements, and definitions. Click the DOWNLOAD FILE button to view a flyer with brief descriptions and hyperlinked titles of each video for quick access. Videos are also accessible for all Kansas districts on www.myinfinitec.org through the Online Classroom: Kansas Trainings. *Videos with corresponding quizzes are accessible to Kansas Infinitec Coalition member districts.

  • Twelve new videos
  • Short presentation; most are 15 minutes
  • Satisfy annual training requirements
  • Differentiated for various staff roles
  • Appropriate for individuals or groups
  • Presenter notes provided for local facilitators
  • Avoid repetition of previous trainings
  • *Check for understanding through quizzes