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Tri-State Webinar: Developing Meaningful Goals for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

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The stated goal of Special Education is to prepare students with disabilities for further education, employment, and independent living. Outcomes for students with ASD show us that we are not reaching this goal. The focus of this webinar is how to write goals that will lead to improved outcomes.

Learner Objectives:

Participants will:

  • Name the three main goals of Special Education
  • Write goals that address the underlying characteristics of autism
  • Describe the relationship between transition after high school and goals
  • List two questions that help to determine if a goal is meaningful

Presenter Information: 

Ruth Aspy, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist who specializes in transdisciplinary assessment and intervention for individuals with autism spectrum disorder. She is co-author of a comprehensive model of intervention, The Ziggurat Modelwhich earned the Literary Achievement Award from the Autism Society of America. Dr. Aspy speaks nationally and internationally.  She has provided training and consultation throughout the United States and internationally in countries including Greece, Australia, Canada, Trinidad, Spain, Turkey, and Japan. Her focus is on understanding underlying strengths and characteristics of those with ASD and designing supports and strategies with their neurological/brain differences in mind.  Dr. Aspy has co-authored other works including FBA to Z: Functional Behavior and Intervention Plans for Individuals with ASDExcelling with Autism: Obtaining Critical Mass Using Deliberate PracticeTalk With Me; and High Functioning Autism and Difficult Moments.  She also has an emphasis in working with individuals with ASD who have symptoms of catatonia.

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