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What Research Says About Identification and Assessment of English Learners with Disabilities

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This is a webinar provided by the National Center for Systemic Improvement (NCSI).

It is critically important for state and local educational agencies to consider English learners with suspected or identified disabilities in planning for assessment and instruction. As part of Results Driven Accountability (RDA), some states have identified State Identified Measurable Results (SIMR) areas focused on English learners.

Jill Pentimonti and Lauren Artzi (NCSI), Jayne Sowers (Great Lakes Comprehensive Center), Shereen Tabrizi (Michigan DoE), and Rachel Slama and Diane August (American Institutes for Research) present this interactive discussion-based webinar connecting research to practice by reviewing promising practices in instruction, curriculum, and assessment for English learners. The webinar also includes a discussion of methods for determining special education eligibility and the coordination of services for English learners with a determined or suspected disability.