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Engaging All Families Module 7 Acknowledging Family Concerns Video

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Engaging All Families

Module 7: Acknowledging Family Concerns

This is Module 7 of 10 in the Engaging All Families Series.

The complete series can be found here

To the right is a heading 'Included Resources". Below that heading are handouts that are referenced and used throughout this webinar.


Throughout an educator’s career, they will interact with a variety of families. At times, these families may have concerns about their child’s education. It is important for educators to be aware of common types of families and learn ways to proactively engage them. The goal of this module is to provide content and resources for teachers to proactively engage families as well as acknowledge parent/family concerns in a professional manner.

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe a strategy to engage a less engaged family
  2. Identify communication techniques to acknowledge parent/family concerns
  3. Create parent/family engagement communication folders