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SMHI Webinar: An Integrated Approach to Restorative Practices

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Presented by Ali Berlinski and Sheri Tiamiyu.   This webinar is intended to provide a working understanding of Restorative Practices (RP).  It will cover the history and purpose of RP as well as endow participants with the tangible skills necessary to implement RP at various levels.  Participants will understand how to utilize RP to build community as well as how to use RP to repair communities when harm has been done.



  1. Deepen knowledge of the history of Restorative Practices in the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD).
  2. Understand the basic components of Restorative Practices.
  3. Strategize how to begin implementing Restorative Practices school and class-wide.



After viewing the Webinar, complete and submit the Study Questions Form to earn a certificate of attendance.