iTransition Application

Transition Planning? “There’s an app for that!”


Did you know there is a FREE app to help teachers, parents, and IEP team members engage students in the post-secondary transition planning process? It’s called iTransition Kansas and it was developed to ask simple questions of students so that they can provide more detailed input regarding their IEP transition plan.

 This app is available for free on multiple platforms:

  • Apple iPads and iPhones via the iTunes App Store (keyword search: iTransition)
  • Android Tablets, Phones and other Devices via the Google Play Store (keyword search: iTransition)
  • As a web-based app accessed by any internet-connected device with a web browser – go to    

After answering a few questions, the app produces a PDF document detailing the student’s initial input for their post-secondary transition plan, which can be shared with the IEP Team and other persons important to the transition planning process. This is a free option to help engage students with the use of technology with which they may be more comfortable – apps, devices, the internet, etc. This input can be considered as part of the normal IEP planning process.       

The app does not replace all of the good college, career, and transition planning that is already occurring in Kansas. The app is a free tool that effective transition teams can use as a method to work with students and obtain input for transition planning.

The app also has a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section written with the help of students, parents and others who work with the systems that interact with transition services. The FAQ is written in teenager-friendly language and is at a 5th grade reading level in order to help better inform students and busy parents about the different systems and how they interact with the transition process (Vocational Rehabilitation, the ADA, the Rehabilitation Act, Requesting Accommodations in College, etc.).

 Thank you for considering this free resource for transition planning. 



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