Kansas Technical Assistance System Network (TASN)
provides technical assistance to support school districts’ systematic implementation of evidence-based practices.

Structuring Guides


Pre-K Reading Guide

Pre-K Math Guide

Pre-K Behavior & Social Emotional Learning Guide

K-12 Reading Structuring Guide

K-12 Reading Implementation Guide

Pre K-12 Behavior & Social Emotional Structuring Guide

K-12 Math Structuring Guide

K-12 Math Implemenation Guide

Pre K-12 Systems Structuring Guide




Tools and Resources

BIR Updated 8.10.2017

BSEL Expectation Matrix Template

BSEL Example To Edit ODR

BSEL Example Calendar SW Expectations Secondary

BSEL Example Calendar SW Expectations Elementary

BSEL Example Daily Announcements SW Expectations Example

BSEL Example Expectation Stations All Environments

BSEL Example Hallway Respect Elementary

BSEL Example Hallway Respect Secondary

BSEL Example Hallway Responsible Elementary

BSEL Example Hallway Responsible Secondary

BSEL Example Hallway Safety Elementary

BSEL Example Hallway Safety Secondary

BSEL Resource ODR Essential Elements 2

BSEL Resources for Teaching and Acknowledging Expectations

ODR Example 2

Websites for Tiers 2 and 3 Interventions