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provides technical assistance to support school districts’ systematic implementation of evidence-based practices.

2017 Kansas MTSS and Alignment Symposium Videos

Click on the links below to view the 2017 MTSS Symposium Videos:

Carol Dissen Part 1: Using Instructional Routines to Enhance Core Reading

Carol Dissen Part 2: Using Instructional Routines to Enhance Core Reading

Hank Bohanon: Preparing for Acknowledgement Systems for PBIS in Secondary

John SanGiovanni: Parent Involvement Strategies

Lucille Eber: Building Interventions for Students With Serious Mental Health Needs

Nick Yoder: Keeping Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) at the Center: Systematic Supports to Integrate SEL

Randy Watson: Keynote Session

Sarah Powell: Mathematics Peer Tutoring in the Early Elementary Grades

Shauna Tominy: Stop, Think, Act: Promoting Executive Function and Self-Regulation for Young Children

Stephanie Stollar: Components of Effective Evidence-Based Intervention in Reading

Susan Danner and Beth Clavenna-Deane: Classroom Management Strategies to Increase Student Motivation and Success

Tim Shanahan: Teaching Struggling Readers with Grade Level Text