Kansas Technical Assistance System Network (TASN)
provides technical assistance to support school districts’ systematic implementation of evidence-based practices.

Event Evaluation Guide


Definition: Formal, scheduled events that are most often attended by more than one district. These should be documented on the TASN system as an event.

Evaluation Mechanism(s):

  1. Standard TASN Event Evaluation, which is automatically e-mailed to registered participants at the end of each event
  2. Knowledge gain measure - Training-specific pre/post-test developed using the Pre/Post Guidance Checklist. When a pre/post-test is associated with an event on the website, the pre-test is automatically e-mailed to participants when they register, and the post-test is included with the event evaluation that is e-mailed at the end of each event.
  3. High-Quality Professional Development Checklist (either completed by external observer or self-reported)


Definition: One or more service providers providing directed assistance to one building/district under the categories of training, system coaching, team coaching, individual coaching, or technical assistance. These should be documented on the TASN system as a contact.

Evaluation Mechanism(s):

  1. Initial, two-item e-mail survey automatically distributed by website when the contact is recorded by the provider (screenshot)
  2. Second, one-item survey that asks about progress made toward the next steps and is automatically distributed by website three weeks after contact (screenshot)
  3. IF the contact’s purpose is to build knowledge, use the Standard TASN Event Evaluation and knowledge gain measure (outlined above in the Trainings section)
  4. IF the contact’s purpose is classroom observation with individual coaching, use appropriate observation and/or coaching measures

TA Requests

Definition: Initiated by the person requesting assistance. These are assigned to providers via the TASN system.

Evaluation Mechanism(s):

  1. One-item follow-up e-mail survey distributed by the TASN website after the provider marks the request as closed (screenshot)